African Grey Parrots

“Some History of the African Grey Parrots Do’s & Don’ts & more..”

The African Grey parrots originating from Central Africa, they are highly talented and known for being one of the most gorgeous and are among the easier species of parrot to keep. The African Grey parrots have exceptional talking and cognitive ability. The development of the vocabulary of this fine bird is so great that through time you may be able to communicate with your African Grey parrots.

The growth of the African Grey parrots will get between 10 to 14 inches in length, which would classify him as a medium- sized bird. Typically the males are larger than the females. The males can be 12 to 14 inches in length. These parrots have two particular types, one being the Congo African and the second being the Timneh African Grey parrots. The color of the Congo African Grey parrots are light grey with red tail feathers. The Timneh African Grey parrots are darker charcoal grey with a maroon tail. The female African Grey parrots have a more of narrower head and a more slender neck than its male counterpart but their appearance is basically the same.


This is not your average pet African Grey Parrots

The African Grey parrots lives for a very long time and needs their owner to take part in their life. These amazing beautiful African Grey parrots live up to 60 years if well taken care of. The owner should have some experience to own one of these African Grey parrots or have done a good amount of research, they are really intelligent and have extra needs. Attention is a must with these birds, African Grey parrots will get bored easily kind of like children if you trained them right they will expect to be with you like a buddy. Without their intellectual needs met African Grey parrots might turn their boredom into behavioral problems like feather picking. Can’t stress enough about how delicate these birds can be. You will have problems if you don’t make time for your friend. It’s possible that even a small change in their daily routine or in their surroundings can lead African Grey parrots to become cranky or show signs of self-mutilation. Nevertheless they are ordinarily well behaved and a great pet. These African Grey parrots do not come without a few challenges. Control can be a task. If your parrot is giving you problems all the time it is probably a sign that he or she wants something from you. They might chew wires or bite and that is not a good sign. The African Grey parrots can quickly pick up bad habits and can easily be taught good habits. Like I said they are especially intelligent.
African Grey ParrotsAfrican Grey parrots make great pets because they are really social birds. In the wild they will typically flock together. Put the cage were you will spend the most time in your home (not a drafty area) and if you have to make changes try to make them slowly. The African Grey parrots are so affectionate they will cuddle with you or someone in the family. They also enjoy their head scratched and some petting like any animal. You just have to find out what they like. Time and training will lead to a great intelligent and cheerful affectionate parrot. There are many ways your parrot will show affection like regurgitation and kissing. The African Grey parrots will also try to “kiss” their owners on the mouth. There is too many germs and bacteria in our mouths and could hurt your bird and make them tremendously sick or worse. It is a must you stop them from doing this. It is important for their owners to understand these parrots need a friend. African Grey parrot who becomes lonely may begin to vocalize excessively, pluck their own feathers, or they may start to bite you or someone in the family. If your African Grey parrots are trained they will make a great addition to your family just watch young children around them. The African Grey parrots use their strong beak as if it was a hand for eating and climbing. Children may not understand this behavior. These birds also use their beaks almost as another hand; a way to explore the world.

The personality of your African Grey parrots will be close to yours because they have some human-like qualities so the time you spend with them will all pay off in the end. A final thought would be to buy a young African Grey parrot to train and spend a great amount of time with, keep them happy and healthy and you will be happy with your highly intelligent friend for life.

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