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“Do You Want to Buy a Parrot
From a Breeder That Cares
About Her Birds”

Do you want to buy a parrot maybe we can help! I have a local breeder here in Florida and she has some parrots that are going to be ready soon. If you want to buy a parrot you may want to check this page soon. If you need help before you buy a parrot I’m sure you will be able to find an article here that will help you before you buy a parrot. Also before you buy a parrot you may want to sign up for the FREE parrot care mini course.

Birds are Ready To Buy Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two birds are ready from the pictures below will have updated pictures soon. She wants $60.00 for one so come and get one before its to late. Have a few more coming mommy bird is laying on some eggs now so another couple months.

Quaker Parrots


More info will be provided soon. If you are ready to by a parrot and you want to contact us please use the contact form. Can find at footer.

You can also get info from our fan page this will help you when you want to buy a parrot . If you are a Blogger fan you can check us out there too for parrot care.

Cockatiels Parrots          Cockatiels Parrots babys  Well we are going to have our first baby’s for sale in around 12 weeks we have the Lutino and the regular Cockatiels as a female and male. And we will have more pictures as they grow up. I know they look funny but most bird  look kind of ugly for a while. I raised chicken and the first time I was shocked about how ugly they were. They start looking a lot better after there feathers start coming in. So if you are interested in one of these birds use the contact us form  and we will put you down on the list. We have some others coming soon too. Keep checking back with us.     Cockatiel baby  Hatched Oct 1 2011, just clipped wings today 11/29/2011.