Parrot Articles

Eclectus Parrots

“You Purchased Eclectus Parrots, Brought it Home, now What?”   After purchasing Eclectus Parrots from a reputable seller who even sold you the cage and some care instructions, you might want to research a little more on the precious package you have.  Some of the important information is how to feed your Eclectus parrots, know […]


“Learn Some Interesting Things About the Cockatiels” Cockatiels originate from Australia and they have many qualities which make them one of the most popular pet birds. Cockatiels are second only to parakeets in terms of pet popularity.  Cockatiels can live 15 to 30 years, so be sure that you’re ready to take on the responsibility.  They are […]

Quaker Parrots

“The Quaker Parrot & How to Keep Them Happy” Native to South America the Quaker parrots have made their homes in the United States and in European countries. The Quaker parrots size is about 12 inches from the head to the tail and an example of their size would be about the same size as a cockatiel. […]

Parakeet Parrots

“Parakeet Parrots and What is Required to Own and Take Good Care of Them” Parakeet Parrots are popular pets alone and in pairs or groups. The parakeet parrots are easily maintained, relatively quiet, ideal pets for small living quarters like apartments or mobile home parks. The parakeet parrots are very intelligent, very alert birds, and they require a […]

Conure Parrots

“What You can Learn About Conure Parrots” The Conure Parrots are usually gregarious, playful, animated birds that enjoy and seek attention. They are one of the most delightful parrot species around. They are charming, curious, smart, and absolutely gorgeous birds. They are light birds with slender bodies and short, broad beaks. They are known to […]

Blue-fronted Amazon

“Let Me Teach You A Few Things About the Blue-Fronted Amazon” The Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot is actually one of the best Amazon parrots with the ability of speech and sounds. Blue-fronted Amazon talking ability varies greatly from individual to individual, but some speak nearly as well as the Yellow-headed Amazon group. The Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot […]

Love Bird Parrots

“Love Bird Parrots Their Health And Breeding Tips” Love Bird Parrots are one of the easiest of the parrots to take care of. Love Bird parrots are limited in speech but they love to mimic sounds, other birds, and even some music. Love Bird parrots will surprise you sometimes. Love bird parrots, like any other parrot or […]

Cockatoo Parrots

“The History and Parrot Care help for your Cockatoo Parrots” Cockatoo Parrots are associated with parrots. Cockatoos are parrots that belong to the Cacatuidae Family. They are loving and affectionate parrots. These parrots are definitely more curious and adventurous than various other parrots. They are very smart and beautiful birds. About the Cockatoo Parrots Needs Cockatoo […]

Good and Bad Plants

Safe House and Outdoor Plants Good and bad plants are something you need to know for your parrot’s health. If your plant isn’t on here you should check with your vet or search on Google and try to find it before you introduce it to your parrot.  Acacia Aloe African Violet Baby’s Tears Bamboo Begonia […]