“Learn Some Interesting Things About the Cockatiels”

Cockatiels originate from Australia and they have many qualities which make them one of the most popular pet birds. Cockatiels are second only to parakeets in terms of pet popularity.  Cockatiels can live 15 to 30 years, so be sure that you’re ready to take on the responsibility.  They are beautiful birds coming in a few colors including white and grey. Cockatiels are skilled fliers and need to have more feathers clipped than do heavier-bodied birds.

Facts About Breeding Cockatiels

Cockatiels prefer to breed during the late spring and early summer period although they will breed at any time of the year if they think that the conditions are favorable.  Cockatiels usually lay 4-8 eggs, which hatch 21 days after incubation begins.  Cockatiels need a 12 inch cube box with a front hole in the front in order to breed. I usually use peat and wood shavings as a base for the cockatiels.  Breeding them is not very difficult and any beginner can easily manage to breed a pair of cockatiels.

Cockatiels ParrotsThese parrots are intelligent, inquisitive, friendly little birds.  They are gentle, quiet, and easy going birds, and, if the babies were hand-fed, they bond with people readily.  They are social birds by nature, often traveling in large flocks.  Cockatiels rest in the midday heat in groups of up to 50 birds in the tallest trees or bushes they can find. They prefer dead branches and tree limbs to perch on, where the gray of the wood provides good camouflage for their gray plumage.  They are relatively nondestructive, entertaining birds that are easy to care for.  Cockatiels like humans love junk food and it is just as bad for them as it is for us.  They are sensitive to the smell of paints, Teflon fumes, and drafty places.  They are very sensitive to carbon monoxide fumes.


These parrots are wonderful, entertaining, delightful birds. They are calmer, and tend to be less aggressive than other birds.  They are social and intelligent companion birds that can be great pets.  They are among the most popular pet birds.  They are widely available at pet stores. Breeders are the best way to go. They usually hand feed them and have info on the birds a “win-win”. They are very affectionate birds that will often learn tricks to delight their owners.  Cockatiels are active and playful and should have a large cage. I had one when I was a kid and made a cage out of animal fence ½ inch square about 6 foot high and 3 foot round put some rods in there for him to climb on and he would run put and down that cage like he was getting chased. Also put a piece of plywood on the top to keep him in when I want to and a sun deck when I let him out. He sure was fun to watch. Cockatiels also like to chew and nibble and to climb and swing.
Cockatiels are less likely to eat fruit than other birds.  They are not as messy as larger birds.  Cockatiels are a study of activity…these birds never stop moving, at least not if they can possibly help it.  Cockatiels, like their cousin the Cockatoo, throw off a dust, which is known as dander and regular baths help alleviate the dust.  Cockatiels also apply oil to their feathers from a gland on their lower back.  Cockatiels are more apt at imitating whistles, alarm signals, and lip-smacking than speech and some specimens will learn to imitate different musical tunes.