Macaw Parrots

“Learn About the Types of Macaw Parrots and More..”

These Macaw parrots are beautiful and have very bright colors. They are part of the parrot family and there are several types. The Macaw parrots originally come from Central and South America rain forest. In their natural habitat they flock from 10 to 40 other birds. Macaw parrots are very loud squawkers and screamers in their natural habitat and echoes throw the forest. There are plenty of nuts and fruit to blend in with and eat. There are 17 species of Macaw parrots, they are extremely intelligent and very social birds. They have long tail feathers. The Macaw parrots will sleep in the trees at night for protection and in the morning they are out looking for snails, bugs, fruit and nuts. The male Macaw parrots takes care on his family. They actually mate for life; he feeds the female and the young. The Macaw parrots are very playful bird and will make good pets if you put time and effort in to training and socializing with him or her. That means training and learning all about the needs of these beautiful colored birds. Make life good for them and they will make life grand for you. You will have a great relationship together. There are several varieties that are extremely close to being endangered and they are the Hyac, Red–Fronted and also the Blue-Throated Macaw parrots.


Two Macaw Parrots Already Extinct

There are two types sadly already extinct they are the Glaucus, and the Spix Macaw parrots gone from the wild. If you are interested in one of the Macaw parrots do your homework. Because remember if you take good care of your Macaw parrots they will live as long as you or longer. This is a lifelong commitment. You can talk with Macaw owner through forums and other internet sites for their experience and to learn more about the bird. The internet is a massive place to learn more about Macaw parrots.

How to pick out your first Macaw Parrots:

Assuming you did all the necessary research on the Macaw parrots. I feel the best bet would be a breeder because they have more birds to pick from of the same kind and has the most knowledge of the birds. This is very important to know as much about the Macaw parrots as possible were ever you buy. Find out whatever information you can, this will help you with the discussion of the Macaw you want to pick. You could also buy from a reputable pet shop but most likely they will not know too much about the bird. Also most pet shop aren’t going to have a good selection like the breeder.

Biting Parrot
You might also think about having your new bird checked by an avian veterinarian before you take it home. The breeder will sometimes have the bird checked out buy his avian veterinarian he will have the result and the price of the bird will most likely be higher. They will check for the CBC and culture of the throat and vent and also a Chiamydia screen. One other thing you should know, if buying from a breeder find out if the parrot is weaned or not. It is better if it is because this is a very stressful time for the Macaw parrots. If you have other birds at home you might want to quarantine themfrom the new parrot for about 30-45 days. Just to be on the safe side. The health of your Macaw parrots are very important.Macaw Parrots

Here are some Macaw parrots you may want to look into.

The Blue and Gold Macaw parrots:

A very popular and playful, happy fun loving parrot. These Macaw parrots usually adapts easily to its surroundings and has a very good personality.

The Hyacinth Macaw parrots:

By far the largest of the Macaw parrots is nearly 4 foot in height with a very large wing span probably not a starter parrot. These Macaw parrots would do better with his own room.

The Red Fronted Macaw parrots:

These Macaw parrots are about 2 foot high and has a very nice sounding voice.

Here are a few more you could look into.

The Scarlet Macaw parrots:

The Military Macaw parrots:

The Green-Wing Macaw parrots:

In conclusion: These Macaw parrots need lots of room and a commitment to give them considerate amount of attention. Some of their downfall would be that the Macaw parrots are very noisy and apartment live is probably not going to work. They are a lot messier than the small parrot. But if you have the room and the commitment these Macaw parrots are wonderful.

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