Parrot Breeders

“Some Things to Know About Parrot Breeders”

Parrot breeders for the most part love and take good care of their parrots. The parrot breeders care for the breeds they have chosen to take of. The best thing to do is check around to find parrot breeders with a good reputation. Parrot breeders with a good reputation will have good stock and well taken care of parrots. This is important because when the birds are small and if the parrot breeders are poorly treating the birds they are going to be harder to handle and take a lot longer before that parrot is going to trust humans. Training time will be longer and just getting them out of the cage is going to be difficult in some cases. When you have chosen the parrot breeders you like and the parrot you want.
Make sure you ask about the history of the bird and the health of the bird. If it’s been weaned and if it has been look at by a vet. If not you should take it to the vet before you take the parrot home especial if you have other animals at home. It is recommended to quarantine your new parrot from other parrots for 45 days. If you have found a couple good parrot breeders they will answer questions when ever you need them too. Parrot breeders that have different types of parrots have different responsibilities especial feeding them. The parrot breeders should have already weaned the parrot and it should be eating fresh warm soft food and seeds. Another awesome thing if the breeder has let the bird learn how to fly and land. It is very important in the parrots live to have the ability to fly. You will probably want to clip their wings so your young bird doesn’t hurt themselves or breaking thing around the house.
Parrot breeders

Hobby Parrot Breeders

If you want to be a hobby parrot breeders here is a tip leave your breeding pairs alone don’t bother them. I know these are probably your pets but they need their space at this time. Make sure your breeding boxes are ready before June it is almost time for the breeding season. The proper time to bath your parrot is when it is young and partially feathered.. There is a great commitment to owning one of these beautiful parrots some parrots live from 60 to 100 years so you might want make sure you put them in your will so they are taken care of if something happen to you.

Parrot breeders

In conclusion: Find  good and reputable parrot breeders that will take care of you even after the sale. Most will because they love the breed and care for their breeds. Take care of the parrot, do your research and make sure you feed it with the right food. Most parrot breeders love what they do and have a great interest in their birds. A contract is a must this is a important transaction for you and the parrot breeders. One more tip I read an article that I taught was worth telling you about this is called the talk toy. It would be great for the parrot, it would keep him company when you are at work. You record your voice and talk to the parrot, great teaching tool for you so it is a win for the both of you.