Yellow Headed Parrot

“Learn More About The Yellow Headed Parrot”

Yellow Headed parrot need a lot of attention and have a long lifespan. The length of a full grown Yellow Headed parrot is about 15 to 17 inches. The Yellow Headed parrot has a bright green body and bright yellow head. The Yellow Headed parrot has a hooked beak and this is one of the greatest asset they use them for climbing and eating nuts and seeds. Their feet have two toes backwards and two toes forward. This makes it easy for them to grasp food and holding on to branches. The this parrot is a colorful bird and has the ability to learn how to talk and do tricks. The Yellow Headed Parrot is increasing in popularity but the population is declining quickly.

The Yellow Headed parrot is found mostly in southern Mexico and is moving to some of the southern states of the USA because of all the destruction of their homes, from clearing land for construction or for the trees for lumber. The Yellow Headed parrot also lives in the forest and mangroves of Guatemala and northwestern Honduras. Some of the Mexican areas and other areas are the Tres Marias Islands, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon, northern Chiapas, southwestern Tabasco and including Belize. These  parrots once were in the 70.000 range and their numbers and have dwindled down to 7000. This is man fault from greed and poaching and clearing to much land and not having a good conservation plan.

Yellow Headed Parrot


A Little History on the Yellow Headed Parrot

Twenty to forty feet in the trees cavities is where the Yellow Headed parrot lays their 2-3 eggs usually around February to May. In the wild their food would consist of blossoms, bud, berries, fruit and nuts of course. As a pet owner you should feed them a well balanced pellet food about 90% of the time and berries when in season, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds 10% of the time. The Yellow Headed parrot is getting expensive because they are also getting rare. The Yellow Headed parrot have great vocal abilities and as far as feather plucking this is very rare that this would happen. The only drawback of the Yellow Headed parrot is the males are hot tempered. I have been around a lot different animals the younger you get them the better. Then you have to train the Yellow Headed parrot and be around them as much as you can at first a little and every day more and more time will help you form a relationship and he will know what you will tolerate and what you will not. The wealth of your Yellow Headed parrot depends on you and your awareness of what’s going on with them. Most of the time they will tell you what is going on like attention they may start making a lot of noise or be irritable. Watch for the signs and you can fix the problem right away.

Yellow headed parrot
In conclusion: If you have the time and the money to own the Yellow Headed parrot they are great talkers and are highly desirable pets and will make a great pet for your family.